Mr. Duong Dinh Khoi – Mien Duong Kien’s brand owner participated in the Swiss Create corporate strategic management program, which is a part of a Project for developing small and medium enterprise sponsored by COM International in Quoc Oai District in 2019.


When participating in the program, Mien Duong Kien was already a brand with a certain position in the domestic market, but still operated under the model of household business. After going to school, Mr. Khoi said: “If I didn’t go to school, I don’t think I would bring rice vermicelli to foreign markets”.

Currently, Mien Duong Kien has become Duong Kien Trading Production and Import Export Company Limited, bringing rice vermicelli to many fastidious markets such as Europe, Japan…


At the discussion with SBS, Mr. Khoi shared about his family tradition of making rice vermicelli, since his grandfather was the first person to make rice vermicelli in So village… he also received the certificate of artisan and Mien Duong Kien also achieved 4-star OCOP certification for clean agricultural products with strictly controlled chain production processes. In the near future, Mien Duong Kien will be the representative of Vietnamese agricultural products in the Russian Federation.

Visiting and working with Mien Duong Kien after studying Swiss Create Strategic Business Administration, SBS was pleased to see the improvements in production and packaging of Mien Duong Kien and discussed with Mr. Khoi about development directions for this business model. Expert Nguyen Xuan Dung shares the secrets of presentation, packaging and company management along with training the next generation; Participating in the discussion was Mr. Kien – Mr. Khoi’s son and he is also taking over the family business.

By: SBS – Smart Business Solutions

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