Let us walk through Kome’s important milestones

08 . 2019


  • Kome was founded in August 2019 and successfully became the exclusive supplier with first 10 products.


  • We expanded the company scale to Saitama, rescaled warehouse and innovated our shipping method. This milestone marks important changes for breakthrough development in the next period.


  • In the middle of the pandemic, Kome keeps developing day by day and creating more and more job opportunities for thousands of Vietnamese farmers.

Outstanding Milestones

Throughout Kome’s milestones, these events made a great impact on our development. Not only did they help Kome grow and improve but also create unforgetable remarks that will change us in the next period.

Vietnam Festival 2020

An annual Vietnam-Japan culture exchange event took place at Yoyogi park, Tokyo. This is a chance for Vietnamese products get to be known and purchased directly by Japanese people.

Foodex Japan 2021

Foodex Japan International Food and Beverage Expo 2021 is Asia’s largest exhibition, gathering the latest information on food and beverage products from Japan and other Asian countries.

Foodex is considered an important “gateway” to enter the Japanese food and beverage market. Known as one of the most demanding markets, many businesses believe that being able to enter the Japanese market is like having a “visa” to enter the vast Asian market.