Journey to bring Vietnamese agricultural products to the world

Have you ever wondered, how did a product with the tag “Made in Vietnam” or “From Vietnam with ♥” that you came across in a supermarket travel to Japan or any other countries? Or when going to a restaurant, when the waiter brings you a dish of spring roll or a bowl of phở, it is just the final destination after a long journey: from choosing specialties in each regions to finding supplier, under no less than 10 times of inspecting and evaluating before being officially authorize to import in Japan’s market – one of the most demanding markets in the world.

Kome has always been side by side with our partners, suppliers from choosing high-quality resources to manufacturing chain and package design,… to create the best products for our customers.

Therefore, in Kome, we always cherish the stories and the value from Traditional products that Vietnamese farmers bring to us.

Where there is Kome, there is Home

Life is a journey, but the final destination, is always Home.

We always cherish and high-evaluate the values that Connect people. We endeavor to make Kome as “Kome Home”, where we can bring Vietnamese expatriates together and bring joy through the speciality of Vietnamese traditional products to our customers.

Core Values


Dare to start and confront


Follow strictly to defined principles


Sympathetic to ourself and customers


Work with all our heart


Find the new and the different


Together we create sustainable value


Endeavor everyday


Achieve efficiency with simplicity


Contribute to the development of society

We are the people with a mission to connect

People is the core factor of sustainable development

At Kome, we believe that people is the core factor of long-term and sustainable development.
With the mission of connecting people, we bring products with traditional taste to Vietnamese expatriates while introducing Vietnamese culture and tradition to not only Japanese people but also people around the world.

Kome is not only where we sow young aspirations and entrepreneurial ambitions, but also our big dream: to develop traditional products with the desire to promote the image of Vietnam and Vietnamese people to the world. At the same time, we enhance trust and preference within our customers.